Best high-quality Black Pepper (kali mirch) from Kerala

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  • July 22, 2020
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Much sought

Pepper is a much sought-after spice from across the world. The name ‘pepper’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Pippali’. The high ranges of Kerala are home to the best pepper in the world. The fact that since time immemorial, traders sought a sea route to the South of India is testimony to the desire for the most piquant of all spices, the black pepper. This is why it is called the “king of spices” or even ‘black gold’.


Why pepper is black?

Best Black Pepper or peppercorn are berries of the winding, twining vine that clings to trees and used to grows in lush tropical forests of Kerala and later, as a plantation crop in planned farms. The fresh green berries are picked from the vines and boiled in water. It is then sun-dried until it turns black. The history of cultivation of pepper on the hill-slopes of Kerala goes back centuries. The salubrious climate and the two monsoons play a role in making the pepper the best. The rich soil and the nurturing care of the planters who know their pepper is also vital. This is why the best variety of pepper in the world is attributed to the Malabar variety which you can now easily buy online from Spice Munnar.


What it does to gourmet cooking?

Pepper forms a major ingredient in Keralan cooking. From fresh green peppercorn pickles to hot peppery chicken and other meat curries are eternal favorites. The green peppercorn is milder and the white peppercorn is formed when the outer skin is rubbed off leaving only the white seed behind. White pepper is milder and is preferred across Europe. Pepper is preferred across the world for grinding into spice-mixes to add to the food that is frying, toasting, grilling, and making curries from.


Accessing the freshest

You can always buy the freshest pepper from Spice Munnar and keep it ready in your kitchen. You can also grind into spice mixes like garam masala or have some fresh ground pepper to add to egg fries and salads. Pepper delivers a stinging hot and pungent taste with a distinct aroma. It is sharp on the tongue and has a warm after-feel. Pepper is an excellent source of vitamins and essential elements like thiamine, riboflavin, C, E, B6, K, zinc, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium. The best quality of pepper is that it stimulates the gastric juices and aids digestion. It works against bloating and constipation. It is also good for soothing coughs and colds which is why it is an ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines and concoctions. Black pepper combines well with ginger and cardamom along with black tea to make an invigorating brew. This is the must spice in your kitchen spice box.

black pepper

You’ll love it

Those who love their cooking and are conscious about the health benefits of black pepper will always wish to source the best quality of this spice in adequate quantity. There is a perceptible difference between the spices bought from stores or packaged brands and buying directly from the source of spices like Spice Munnar. The freshness is felt and tangible. The quality and taste are perfect as nature intended. Once you have this special pepper and other fine spices in your home, you will feel the magic it does to your daily food and your health.



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