Freshest spices are from the high ranges

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  • April 14, 2017
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Indian cuisine gets its special taste and flavor from the use of spices in unique proportions and combinations – knowledge handed down centuries perhaps and through generations. Spices are essential ingredients in every Indian kitchen. All around the world, no kitchen is complete without at least a few spices. Spices are essential for meat dishes, baking and salads. The preference for certain types of spices can vary across the world but some spices like pepper and cardamom are used all over.

Spices give food the flavor and taste, making the dish aromatic and distinct. Every spice plays its part in imparting the magic, giving food a special flavor. The combination of spices is pure magic and takes a person with good skills to conjure up an amazing effect.

True connoisseurs of spices know instinctively that the best spices in the world are grown in the High Ranges of Kerala. The promoters of SpiceMunnar.Com have a long association with spices and spice products. They have huge plantations where pepper, cardamom, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and many other spices are grown in rich monsoon fed soil.

With a long history of cultivating spices, harvesting and processing it in the right way, the promoters of decided to offer to the world the best in Indian Spices through their e-commerce site – Being cultivators themselves, the promoters know the right process of harvesting, curing and preserving the spices to maintain their essential oils and richness. The spices are lovingly cleaned, dried, processed and packed so that they retain their maximum goodness.

Now customers across the world can simply order the freshest spices online. They can get the spices from the plantations delivered right to their homes. There are no middlemen, no agencies, no distribution process – nothing. The spices are packed at the source and delivered. It is as simple as that. It is virtually impossible to get fresher, better-tasting spices than through spicemunnar.


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