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  • March 27, 2020
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The Queen

Cardamom is not called the ‘Queen of Spices’ for no reason. It is indeed one of the most expensive spices and also the most familiar ones ever. For over 4000 years, cardamom has been recognized and used for its aroma. In modern times, it is known that cardamom is rich in a variety of active ingredients and compounds that give it its distinctive aroma and antioxidant benefits that makes it good for health. Cardamom is also rich in nutrients, minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus and vitamins A and C.


Know the best

It is a well-known fact that some of the best cardamoms in the world are produced in abundance in Kerala’s high ranges from where Spice Munnar sources it. With our major presence in the high ranges, with close contact with farmers and processing centers, we have our hands on the pulse of the region and know how to identify process and pack the best cardamom and other spices. Because it is this knowledge that gives us the edge and helps us bring you the finest cardamom known to mankind.

The height of purity

Whether you prefer green or black cardamom, this powerful and aromatic spice, part of the ginger family brings about special notes of flavors and taste to your food, making it delectable and enjoyable. The aromatic cardamom seeds sit in its pod capsules that are grown in the rain and dew fed high ranges of Kerala. They are cultivated in the rich soil of the hill-slopes that were not very long ago virgin forested areas. The same quality of fertile soil, the natural habitats and the covering of trees give the cardamom its special goodness.

What do you wish for?

Spice Munnar – the best place to buy spices online offers the widest range of spices and hence you can choose whether you like green or black cardamom. Almost no Indian cuisine, curries or even chai-masala for the evening tea is complete without cardamom. The world over, cardamom is preferred with their brews – be it with coffee in Dubai or with tea in Iran. In Denmark and most of Europe, the green variety is used in pastries and for making special wine for Christmas.

Any way you want

Cardamom is so special that you can use it for a large variety of dishes – be it sweet, tangy or spicy. The extra flavor and nuance that it gives to food, especially meat and fish dishes, makes it special among spices! In biriyanis and pulaos, entire pods of cardamom are cooked along with the rice which gets infused with its flavor. The entire pods are roasted and crushed for making spice mixes called masalas which are an indispensable part of Indian cooking. The seeds and ground cardamom is used in baking, sauces, fruit salads and sauces.


Healthy and good

Cardamom oil and oleoresin are widely used in making ayurvedic medicines especially in the oils used for body rubs. Cardamom is used in mouth-fresheners, health drinks – because it helps burn fat, in medicines that help reduce acidity and stomach-ache and for the treatment of depression, mouth ulcers, and digestive problems.

Naturally, getting the best cardamom online is not going to be easy and the buying of spices from stores or supermarkets is not going to help as you are now sure of how long the spices have been in storage or spend their time being transported. When you order your need for spices, especially cardamom online from Spice Munnar from their site, you get the opportunity to enjoy the very best spices directly from the high ranges of Kerala.


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